Delivering Exceptional Japanese Products to the World

It is widely acknowledged that Japanese products are superior compared to similar products manufactured by other countries, in terms of performance, safety, reliability, etc.

Our company is striving to branch out into shipping our goods internationally, expand our trade, and improve and enrich the lives of people all over the world.

Our company offers assistance with the export of your important products. Please feel free to contact us by email, fax, telephone, or mail.

Our company also does consignment sales as well as purchasing. In addition, we also import fine goods from overseas.

Let's work together to contribute to Japan's trade expansion and international friendship.

As the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 draws near, more foreign tourists will visit Japan and Japan's omotenashi hospitality will be rated higher. The excellent reputation of Japanese products will likely spread around the world.

Our company will strive even more to increase exports of your products.

About us

Nihon Sakurabana CO.,LTD

Address 8F Access NishiShinjyuku 8-5-3 NishiShinjyuku Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo

Foundation date April of 2014

CEO Yasushi Kihara

The first business meeting was held in June 2014. (in Dalian, China)